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Startup of the Week: Orange Octopus

  After winning Babson College’s BETA Challenge, Joey Roth founded OrangeOctopus in April 2013. Follow OrangeOctopus On Facebook and Ask The Orange Octopus on Twitter. Company Mission: Our company pays tribute to a German octopus named Paul, who was able to correctly predict the 2010 world cup matches. When Paul passed away, he left the world in desperate need of football insights and that is why Orang ...

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  Rapid Mobile Technologies was founded by Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez, Michael Grider and University of Florida Foundation. The company launched  in 2010 with the mission of developing and commercializing patented technologies in the mobile and wireless area. Stay connected to Rapid Mobile Technologies on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN. Company Mission: Our goal is the development and commercialization of ...

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Startup of the Week: ClearCi

ClearCi was founded by Joe Levy, Tomer Sofinzon, Kfir Sasson, Ron Oz and  Michael Clews. The company launched in March 2011 with the mission of helping companies to obtain competitive intelligence. Stay connected to ClearCi on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN.  Company Mission: We help companies get the intelligence they need to compete. Company Description: ClearCi helps companies collect, analyze and manag ...

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Startup of the Week: WeRx

WeRx was founded by Ali Khoshnevis and Amir Khoshnevis. The company launched  in April 2013 with the mission of creating a platform where consumers can find the lowest prices on prescription medications at local pharmacies. Stay connected to WeRx on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN. Company Mission: WeRx is an impact startup that has created a proprietary web and mobile platform allowing consumers to find th ...

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Startup of the Week: ESOLIST

Esolist was founded by Adrian Esquivel in January 2012 with the mission of making real estate social. Stay connected to Esolist on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN. Company Description Esolist is an innovative web application that allows Realtors to create websites with just one click and post updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube from one single place. Esolist provides social metrics and websi ...

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Startup of the Week: Vinylfy

This week we feature startup Vinylfy, which launched in February 2013 and is led by co-founders Jose L Pimienta and Osniel Gonzalez. Stay connected to Vinylfy on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM. Company Mission: To keep vinyl records alive and help record collectors across the globe manage their collection, find what they are looking for and discover new and exciting music to spin on their turntables. Refl ...

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Startup of the Week: EVantage (Polaris eBikes)

This week we feature EVantage (Polaris eBikes), which was founded by Brandon Kaplan, Adam Rand, Austin Higdon, and Henry Shum in 2009. Stay connected to EVantage (Polaris eBikes) on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Mission: Our mission is to develop industry changing technologies for light electric vehicles, and launch those technologies in our own vehicles.  We have developed a brand license partnership with Polaris ...

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Startup of the Week:

This week we feature, which was founded in October 2012 by the mother and son team of Aymara Del Aguila and Vicente Fernandez. Mission: Sportsmanias’ mission is to be the easiest, fastest, most complete source of team news on web and mobile. We are a faster Bleacher Report with ESPN quality because of the way we feature local beat writers from across the country whom collectively cover ever ...

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Startup of the Week: Amazi

This week we feature Amazi, which was founded in Glen Rock, PA on January 2013 by Crystal Plew and Devin Lyttle. Mission: Amazi, is a location-based app and website to find clean water sources—from grocery store water machines to public drinking fountains—to end the consumption of bottle water. Our goal is to make filling reusable bottles as easy as buying a new one. In the US alone, 66 billion disposable w ...

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