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Startup of the Week: Orange Octopus

Startup of the Week: Orange Octopus


After winning Babson College’s BETA Challenge, Joey Roth founded OrangeOctopus in April 2013.

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Company Mission:

Our company pays tribute to a German octopus named Paul, who was able to correctly predict the 2010 world cup matches. When Paul passed away, he left the world in desperate need of football insights and that is why Orange Octopus was created. Our mission is to give you everything you need to win.

Reflect a bit on where you’ve been as a business, and where you aim to be in 3 years.

The idea was sparked off a blog post about how to start a business in a weekend. The post said to look at the best-selling products on Amazon, and then make a complimentary product. The best-selling product that day on Amazon was the soccer videogame FIFA.

My idea was to create a strategy guide for the game. However, this was a seemingly impossible task as I absolutely sucked at FIFA. Someone out there had the winning tips and strategies I needed and that is when I started interviewing the top ranked players of the game.

By interviewing 6 of the best players in the world, I was able to create the Premier Strategy Guide to FIFA 12, featuring 100+ pages of tips and strategies directly from the pros. The online FIFA community’s starting promoting the guide and last year the FIFA 13 guide was purchased in 82 countries.

The idea with is to create a publishing empire. This thing is going to be HUGE!

We will be writing guides for dozens of games this year including FIFA 14, NHL 14, and NBA 2K14. By giving people the best possible tactics and strategies, we hope to foster a community around Orange Octopus.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

Our insights show that demand for tips is highest in the first two weeks after a game has launched. Our biggest challenge is being able to give the customers the entire guide and know exactly what people will struggle with.

We have overcome this challenge by WOWing our customers with support. If you purchase the guide, we will take time in listening and answering your questions (sometimes even sending you video responses). We package together all of the questions from our customers and create a Revised and Improved version of each guide, which the customers receive for free!

What remains the biggest obstacle?

There are two big players in the strategy guide market, Prima Games and Brady Games. These guide publishers have already secured contracts with many of the big games that are set to release this year. However, their guides are entirely in print and often only feature artwork and tips from the developers. guides are entirely digital and they are written by the best gamers in the world. I hope that over time the market will decide which format of guides they like better.

Are you currently looking for financing?

The videogame strategy guide market is valued at over $300 million. We hope to make a big dent in the space and therefore we are always interested in meeting with investors.

The company will be able to bootstrap for the time being.

Any last words?

Orange Octopus – Let Us Be Your Guide!

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