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Startup of the Week: Vinylfy

Startup of the Week: Vinylfy

This week we feature startup Vinylfy, which launched in February 2013 and is led by co-founders Jose L Pimienta and Osniel Gonzalez.

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Company Mission:

To keep vinyl records alive and help record collectors across the globe manage their collection, find what they are looking for and discover new and exciting music to spin on their turntables.

Reflect a bit on where you’ve been as a business, and where you aim to be in 3 years.

Since our launch back in February, we have been growing and right now we have hundreds of users, thousands of records added to the site and we have been seeing some good traction. There is a lot to grow still but this is only the beginning. In 3 years, we aim to be the number one choice for vinyl lovers to buy, trade, collect and find the music that lights their days.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

The biggest challenge we have overcome has been spreading the word about Vinylfy by using social media, meeting potential users at events like Record Store Day and partnering with local stores.

What remains the biggest obstacle?

Mobile development, awareness, adoption and mobile development are the biggest obstacles at the moment. Our users have been asking for mobile since we launched and we know that will increase traction and awareness about our product.

Are you currently looking for financing? 

We are currently seeking our first round of capital that will help us fuel our vision. If any investor is interested in seeing a demo or meeting, feel free to contact Jose Pimienta at or Osniel Gonzalez at

Any last words?

We would like to invite everyone to dust of the turntables and drop the needle on some vinyl, remember, experience, feel it and sign up for Vinylfy, we will help you collect and find the music that you love and makes you feel alive.

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