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Startup of the Week: WeRx

WeRx was founded by Ali Khoshnevis and Amir Khoshnevis. The company launched  in April 2013 with the mission of creating a platform where consumers can find the lowest prices on prescription medications at local pharmacies.

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Company Mission:

WeRx is an impact startup that has created a proprietary web and mobile platform allowing consumers to find the lowest price on their prescription medications at local pharmacies. The platform can save anyone money but the heart of this venture is to help the people who need it most. Over 70 million Americans lack prescription drug coverage and have to make a decision of paying retail price for their needed medications or simply stop taking their medication due to financial constraints. These retail prices can vary up to 16X from one pharmacy to another on the same block. The WeRx applications can educate, provide discounts and arm consumers with the tools they need to afford their medication and prevent future health complications. In just a few seconds on the WeRx platform consumers can save up to 80% on their medications by simply filling their prescriptions at the lowest cost pharmacy in their neighborhood. With our continued product development and key partnerships, there is no doubt that WeRx will raise awareness and save lives.

Reflect a bit on where you’ve been as a business, and where you aim to be in 3 years.

It has been a great ride thus far.  During the infancy of our company, we were winners of the StartUpRockOn Grant Challenge, National Challenges at Reboot America in DC, Category winner at Charlotte Venture Challenge, and finished as a top 10 company at Distilled Intelligence 2.0.  We are part of the founding class at Project Lift Miami and are very excited about our future.  We aim to be the source of medication pricing and hope that every patient is able to find the price of his or her medication prior to entering the pharmacy.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

Understanding the dynamics of the healthcare industry was a challenge early in the process.  Being healthcare providers has given us tremendous insight into the industry and we are continuing to make strides with the help and mentorship at Project Lift Miami.

What remains the biggest obstacle?

Reaching those who do not have access to the web and mobile applications.  We have some really exciting projects in the works right now and hope to share with the world very soon.


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